Science Work Group

The Science Work Group is a forum to exchange scientific information about the estuary. The group provides support, scientific and technical advice to the Estuary Partnership. Its goal is to ensure there is a consistent approach to the collection of scientific data, and to design and implement technical programs that advance the actions in the Estuary Partnership Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan.

Who We Are

The Science Work Group is open to all who are interested in advancing the actions in the Estuary Partnership's Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan. Typical representatives include tribal, federal, state and local agencies; academe, private sector scientists, interested parties and private sector concerns. The Board of Directors' liaison to the Science Work Group is Yvonne Vallette (US EPA), and the Estuary Partnership’s Chief Scientist Catherine Corbett is staff to the work group.

Science Work Group Meeting Times and Contact Information

The Science Work Group meets monthly. To get on the Science Work Group email list, and for more information, please contact the Estuary Partnership's Chief Scientist, Catherine Corbett 503-226-1565 x 240

Past Science Work Group Meeting Content

Science Work Group monthly meeting agendas and presentations are available from the tables below, organized by year.